Everybody Gets Angry!

Everybody Gets Angry!
A Year's Worth of Activities to Help Kids Control Their Anger
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Everybody Gets Angry!: A Year's Worth of Activities to Help Kids Control Their Anger


Grades 3-6. This fun-filled book is packed with 50 lessons for teaching students to identify, understand, express, and cope with their angry feelings. Each lesson includes a core activity, points for discussion, additional ideas, and a creative challenge. Uses hands-on activities, such as writing, drawing, music, drama, and movement. This book is spiral-bound, but also includes a CD containing all reproducible handouts.

Table of Contents


  1. The Machine
  2. Musical Mood
  3. Smileys, Smileys, Smileys
  4. Fill in the Blanks
  5. Tower of Cooperation
  6. Anger Collage
  7. A Picture of Anger
  8. Explosion
  9. Step Outside the Box
  10. Make It Happen
  11. Masks
  12. Angry Scale
  13. Angry Animals
  14. What's So Funny
  15. Metamorphosis
  16. Resolution-tees
  17. Its' A Rap!
  18. The Angry Dance
  19. Anger Ball
  20. Pound It Out!
  21. A Heated Discussion
  22. Who Needs Real Words?
  23. Seat Ball
  24. Personal Interview Show
  25. Gestures
  26. Secrets
  27. Knock-Knock
  28. Step Outside Yourself
  29. "I" Messages
  30. The Empty Box
  31. The Behavior Market
  32. The Magic Stone
  33. If the Shoe Fits
  34. Scenarios: Getting Started
  35. Scenarios: Map Out A Plot
  36. Scenarios: The Play
  37. Relaxation I
  38. Relaxation II
  39. Talking To Myself
  40. The Sentence
  41. Do What I Say
  42. Assertiveness
  43. Anger At The World
  44. I Could Just
  45. Yes or No
  46. Gibberish
  47. The List
  48. The Mediator
  49. Let It go
  50. Pillows