Cultural Diversity and Social Skills Instruction

Cultural Diversity and Social Skills Instruction
Understanding Ethnic and Gender Differences
Middle School
High School
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Cultural Diversity and Social Skills Instruction: Understanding Ethnic and Gender Differences


Finally, a book that shows how to teach social skills from a culturally sensitive perspective. This unique manual provides valuable information and insights for working with students from the four largest minority groups—Hispanic American, African American, Native American, and Asian American. The authors differentiate between skill deficits that need to be changed and cultural differences that should be respected in their current form or altered according to specific situations. The book also addresses differences in social skills instruction for male and female students.

Book Reviews

"This useful book acknowledges the complexity of social skills instruction in a society whose teachers are increasingly white or European American middle-class females but whose student body is increasingly diverse."

Assets Magazine, Search Institute

"This book would be a valuable reference for all students preparing to become school counselors or any personnel who work in a school setting."

—Jill F. Schoen, Counseling Today

"One of the highlights of Cultural Diversity was the inclusion of the 'Instruction through Literature' section in each chapter. Suggestions for reading materials for students from preschool age through high school are given."

—Jane Harris, INSIGHT, Illinois School Counselor Association

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 The Relationship of Culture and Social Behavior

Chapter 2 A Model for Teaching Social Skills

Chapter 3 Asian Americans

Chapter 4 African Americans

Chapter 5 Native Americans

Chapter 6 Hispanic Americans

Chapter 7 Social Skills and the Culture of Gender

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