Conflict Resolution from the Inside Out

Conflict Resolution from the Inside Out
Helping Teens Manage Conflict in the Real World
Middle School
High School
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Conflict Resolution from the Inside Out: Helping Teens Manage Conflict in the Real World


Grades 6-12. This reproducible activity book takes a unique approach to conflict resolution education. Not only does it teach practical skills for handling conflict, it also addresses the many underlying issues that influence how adolescents approach conflict. Thought-provoking writing exercises, art projects, and role plays of real-life, edgy scenarios inspire candid discussions and help students recognize the power they have over the outcomes of conflict situations. Includes a CD containing PDFs of the activities.

Table of Contents

1. Getting Started

  • Using Conflict Resolution from the Inside Out
  • Making a List¸ Checking It Twice

2. Understanding Conflict

  • The Wave
  • Web of Associations
  • Consequence Slam
  • Analyzing Bob
  • Conflict¸ Conflict Everywhere
  • Front Page News
  • Paradise Island

3. Conflict and Me

  • Pop Quiz
  • Dispute Diary
  • Family Inheritance
  • Proverbial Wisdom
  • Pantheon of Peacemakers
  • Finding a Mentor

4. Fuel to the Fire

  • Hot Under the Collar
  • The Great Masters
  • Emotions En Masse
  • Anger Blast-Off
  • Conflict Clairvoyant
  • Moving On

5. Be Your Own Master

  • Listening to Your Body
  • Coping Icon
  • Taking Stock
  • Choosing My Trajectory
  • Being Coach Carter
  • Getting Assertive
  • It's My Call
  • Shout Down

6. Constructive Communication

  • Bad Listening Brigade
  • Do You See What I See?
  • Talk Show Host
  • Finding the Right Words
  • Power of Put-Ups
  • Speak to Be Heard

7. It's a Matter of Perspective

  • Variation on a Theme
  • Fourth Dimension
  • Out of the Blue
  • Empathy Jeopardy
  • A Fair Shake
  • Learning Your ABCs
  • Getting Strategic

8. The Moment of Truth

  • Design Your Own Board Game
  • Freeze Frame
  • Tossing Around Solutions
  • Graphic Novel
  • My Mind's Eye
  • Win Win Win
  • Cataloging Success