Brothers of Ujima

Brothers of Ujima
A Cultural Enrichment Program to Empower Adolescent African-American Males
Middle School
High School
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Brothers of Ujima: A Cultural Enrichment Program to Empower Adolescent African-American Males


Ujima is a Kiswahili word that means collective work and responsibility. Brothers of Ujima presents a unique cultural enrichment program designed to reinforce and bring out the strengths of African American preadolescent and adolescent males. This group counseling program helps young men plan and achieve their future goals as they make the transition from elementary to middle school and from middle to high school. The program helps men in achieving direction, identity, and critical consciousness that lead to more positive self-esteem and relationships with others, greater ethnic pride, and higher expectations for future accomplishments. Group sessions cover African and African American culture, responsibility to others, health and fitness, education, life course, handling conflict, and many other key topics.

Program objectives:

  • To help group members gain an understanding of the Nguzo Nane (Eight principles for Living)
  • To increase knowledge of and appreciation for African and African American culture
  • To encourage pursuit of physical health and fitness
  • To encourage critical awareness of myths and stereotypes ofAfrican Americans presented in the media
  • To develop creative thinking and leadership skills
  • To strengthen personal goal setting and commitment to education
  • To develop positive ways of coping and handling conflict
  • To increase knowledge of local community history
  • To increase awareness of adult role models withinthe African American community
Table of Contents


Facilitator’s Guide

Curriculum Overview
Setting Up the Program
Session Components and Materials
Brothers of Ujima Program at a Glance

Session Plans

Session 1: Orientation
Session 2: Jamaa Building: Purpose, Introductions,and Rules
Session 3: Health and Fitness
Session 4: My Brother’s Keeper
Session 5: Introduction to Africa and African Culture:Fact and Fiction
Session 6: African and African American Culture:Yesterday and Today
Session 7: What I Bring to My Community
Session 8: Creativity: Finding Your Talents
Session 9: Educational Awareness: Climbingthe Ladder of Success
Session 10: Life Course
Session 11: Choices and Challenges
Session 12: How Do I Work It Out?
Session 13: African American Male Leadership
Session 14: Graduation and Closing Ceremony
Optional Session: Kwanzaa

Appendix A: Brothers of Ujima Journal
Appendix B: Program Posters

Suggested Readings and Resources
About the Authors

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