Being In Control BINGO Game

Being In Control BINGO Game
An Anger Management Game for Young Adolescents
Middle School
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Being In Control BINGO Game: An Anger Management Game for Young Adolescents


Grades 6-8. This educational game provides an enjoyable way to teach anger management skills to middle school students. It can be used independently or to enhance the In Control. program, also by Dr. Kellner. Before playing the game, students learn language, concepts, and strategies for managing their anger. During the game, they learn to recognize their anger, stop and think before they behave inappropriately, and then use an appropriate anger management strategy to calm down and stay in control. The game can be played by large or small groups in schools and other settings. Includes 15 bingo cards, 50 calling cards, plastic tokens, and a 26-page facilitator's guide.

Facilitator's Guide Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. Preliminary Lessons
    • Physiological Tools (Techniques from Our Bodies)
      • Counting
      • Deep Breathing
      • Muscle Relaxation
    • Thinking and Behavioral Tools
    • Anger Triggers and Settings
      • Degrees of Anger
      • Role-Pay
    • Anger Management Criteria and Self-Evaluation
      • Criteria for Good Anger Management
      • Signs of Anger Management
      • Sample Anger Log
  3. Playing the Game

Appendix A: Anger Management Glossary

Appendix B: Anger Log (reproducible)

Appendix C: Ten Points in Anger Management

Game Instructions

In-service training, consultation, or workshops by the author of this program can be provided for your school, facility, or organization. For more information and available dates, please contact:

Millicent H. Kellner, Ph.D., LCSW
School Climate Improvement Specialist
Inclusive Schools Climate Initiative
Rutgers University
112 Paterson Street, Suite 102
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

Office: 848-932-5906 / Fax: 732-932-5910

Workshop Critique

"Your program at the New Jersey Association of School Social Workers (NJASSW) Fall Workshop was outstanding. You presented our audience with a comprehensive, hands-on method to help our students deal with very real problems of anger management.

The methodologies were adaptable to groups, classrooms, and individual programs. The audience was able to return to their schools with a complete program, ready to be implemented."

—Doris Kaplan, President, NJASSW