The Anxiety Workbook for Teens

The Anxiety Workbook for Teens
Activities to Help You Deal with Anxiety & Worry
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Anxiety Workbook for Teens: Activities to Help You Deal with Anxiety & Worry


Grades 6-12. About one in four teens suffers from mild to serious problems with anxiety, and many of them get little or no help. This workbook contains 42 activities that offer anxious teens insight into their problems and provide practical guidance for helping them overcome day-to-day challenges.

This book will help teens develop a positive self-image and recognize your anxious thoughts. The workbook also includes resources for seeking additional help and support if needed. Anxiety is a common and very treatable condition. Working through the activities in this book will give the individual many ideas on how to both prevent and handle their anxiety.

Table of Contents
Activity 1: About Anxiety
Activity 2: The Chemistry of Anxiety
Activity 3: Peace Is Already Within You
Activity 4: Prevention and Intervention
Activity 5: How You Experience Anxiety
Activity 6: Your Anxiety Patterns
Activity 7: Having an Awesome Attitude
Activity 8: Worrying Is Worthless
Activity 9: All-or-Nothing Thinking
Activity 10: Overgeneralizing
Activity 11: "Should" Statements
Activity 12: Thought Stopping
Activity 13: What's the Worst That Could Happen?
Activity 14: Cost-Benefit Analysis
Activity 15: Perfectionism
Activity 16: Letting Go of Control
Activity 17: Positive Affirmations
Activity 18: Serenity, Courage, and Wisdom
Activity 19: Seeing the Bigger Picture
Activity 20: Talking It Out
Activity 21: Writing It Out
Activity 22: Eating and Anxiety
Activity 23: More Exercise, Less Anxiety
Activity 24: Peaceful Movement
Activity 25: Progressive Relaxation
Activity 26: Centering Yourself
Activity 27: Mindfulness
Activity 28: Following Your Breath
Activity 29: Deep Breathing
Activity 30: Visualization
Activity 31: Meditation
Activity 32: A Higher Power
Activity 33: It's a Cinch by the Inch
Activity 34: Problem Solving
Activity 35: Keeping Your Life in Balance
Activity 36: Staying Organized
Activity 37: Managing Your Time
Activity 38: Unexpressed Anger
Activity 39: Managing Fears and Phobias
Activity 40: Managing Panic
Activity 41: Separating Yourself from Other People's Problems
Activity 42: Future Challenges