180 Daily Guidance Lessons to Jump-Start Your Day

180 Daily Guidance Lessons to Jump-Start Your Day
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180 Daily Guidance Lessons to Jump-Start Your Day


Grades K-6. This proactive, preventive program reaches every student, every day, in five-minute presentations. Daily lessons include inspiring role models, skits, and tips to be used at home and in school. The program's 36 weekly topics emphasize behaviors that cultivate and support respect, friendship, individuality, and compassion. CD includes grayscale PDF files of the reproducible parent letters, What Would You Do? skits, and classroom activities for ease of distribution to parents, students, and teachers.

Weekly Topics

  • Monday—Recognition and Inspiration:
    Students nominated as Student of the Week for their
    performance of the previous week's goal are recognized. The
    weekly goal is announced, and its meaning is clarified for the
  • Tuesday—Rationale:
  • Why Should We Do This?
    Explains the reason to strive for the goal.

  • Wednesday—Role Models: Tidbits are related
    about famous people and others who do or have done a great
    job of achieving the weekly goal.
  • Thursday—At Home: Students are given an
    assignment concerning ways to achieve this goal at home and in
  • Friday—Creative Drama: Students are selected to perform skits about ways to engage in positive behaviors.

Each weekly topic contains reproducible parent letters and classroom activities that can be taught by the counselor or classroom teacher. Covers topic areas such as: Including Everyone, Walking in Someone Else's Shoes, Being Responsible, Being Honest, Forgiving Others, Having an Open Mind, and Not Giving Up.

Table of Contents


  1. Include Everyone
  2. Respectful Words
  3. Reach Out
  4. Make a Difference
  5. Help Others
  6. Go Above and Beyond
  7. Make a New Friend
  8. Assert Yourself
  9. Improve Our World
  10. Act with Courage
  11. Show Compassion
  12. Be a Leader
  13. Being Aware
  14. Walk in Someone Else's Shoes
  15. Be Unique
  16. Do the Right Thing
  17. Be a Friend to Everyone
  18. Be Responsible
  19. Seize the Day
  20. Listen to Others
  21. Have a Dream
  22. Be Honest
  23. Share Your Time
  24. Believe
  25. Try Something New
  26. Think Before Acting
  27. Do Something You Love
  28. Have an Open Mind
  29. Make Someone's Day
  30. Think Positive Thoughts
  31. Do Your Best
  32. Don't Give Up
  33. Start Over
  34. Forgive Others
  35. Achieve a Goal
  36. Talk