Love, Sex, Romance, and Being You
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GIRL: Love, Sex, Romance, and Being You (cover)

Chicago Public Library's 2017 Best of the Best Books List for Teen Nonfiction


Welcoming and inclusive of all self-identified girls, this book is a growing-up guide for teen girls with information on gender and identity, dating and romance, relationships, and sex. It gives teen girls practical information that is uncensored, factual, and unbiased, and aims to help readers develop into responsible and informed adults and prepare them for healthy romantic relationships. This book also includes self-reflection questions, media resources lists, illustrations, and diary entries as additional supplemental materials. This book is unique in that it is accessible and nonjudgmental to all who self-identify as a girl.


GIRL is an inclusive guide for all self-identified girls to gender and identity, dating and romance, and healthy sexuality [by] a nationally recognized educator, trainer, author, and expert in sexuality education.”

Teen Vogue

“Rayne offers an empowering, thorough, and inclusive guide to sexuality for ‘older teenagers who identify as female…’ Rayne's book is notable for the breadth and depth of its discussions; readers seeking advice on or knowledge about virtually any aspect of sexuality and identity should find this to be a valuable resource.”

Publishers Weekly starred review