S.T.O.P. and Relax

S.T.O.P. and Relax
A Visual Curriculum to Teach Self-Calming and Build Resilience
Middle School
High School
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S.T.O.P. and Relax: A Visual Curriculum to Teach Self-Calming and Build Resilience

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S.T.O.P. and Relax is a complete yoga curriculum with clear instructions, sample lessons, and presentation materials. It includes reproducible and adaptable material for creating lessons suitable to the particular student(s) with varying ability levels. S.T.O.P. and Relax integrates methods supported by research, including the National Autism Center’s 2009 National Standards Report. These include yoga, progressive relaxation, modeling, visual prompts, and story-based intervention.

Designed especially for autism and other special needs, the S.T.O.P. and Relax kit includes:

  • Easy-to-follow Instructor’s Manual
  • 55 Instructor’s Cards to guide presentation of each posture
  • 55 Visual Cue Card Slides to show students each posture
  • Focus Circles and Footprints to show students where to look or stand
  • 25 Lesson Plans, ranging from 5 to 30 minutes
  • 25 Lesson Sequences as PowerPoint slide shows
  • Student Story Books to introduce the program and to generalize skills
  • Progress Monitoring Tools
  • Permission Slip templates for school use
  • 2 Posters: Rules for Relaxation, and the 4-step S.T.O.P. self-calming sequence
  • Audio: Guided Breathing, “Floating on a Cloud’ full-body relaxation, and selected tracks from Music for Dreaming by Rich Foss
  • One USB thumb drive containing all of the above.

S.T.O.P and Relax is a complete relaxation training curriculum for use in your school, home, or therapeutic setting.