Counseling Children and Adolescents

Counseling Children and Adolescents
Fourth Edition
Middle School
High School
Mental Health Professional
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Counseling Children and Adolescents (cover)

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The fourth edition of Counseling Children and Adolescents has been revised to include detailed practical information and “how to” strategies for counseling children and adolescents, as well as for working with families and parents. Included in this edition are numerous empirically-based approaches that are developmentally and culturally appropriate for counseling children.

This text offers helpful information on the individual and group counseling process and includes a plan for designing a developmental counseling curriculum from primary grades through high school. Comprehensive, up-to-date chapters specifically address counseling children who are at risk or who have special needs and children and adolescents from diverse backgrounds. Chapters on play therapy, rational–emotive behavior therapy, and brief therapy specifically describe how to apply these approaches with children and adolescents.

Ann Vernon is joined by contributing authors who, as practitioners, clinicians, and counselor educators, bring a wide array of innovations and creative techniques to the fourth edition.