Deep Brain Learning

Deep Brain Learning
Evidence-Based Essentials in Education, Treatment, and Youth Development
Middle School
High School
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Deep Brain Learning: Evidence-Based Essentials in Education, Treatment, and Youth Development


This book is a blueprint for building strength and resilience in all young people by creating environments of dignity and respect. It is not a book on neuroscience, but includes brain research that is relevant to promoting positive change in youth through juvenile justice, school programs, private treatment, and family and community-based programs. The authors identify key principles for producing lasting change by promoting attachment, achievement, autonomy and altruism that helps transform individuals and organizations. Scientific evidence is blended with time-honored wisdom from experts worldwide.


Research and practice—A cutting-edge, reader-friendly, astonishingly creative synthesis of cognitive neuroscience, positive psychology, and the classic truths of human development.

—John C. Gibbs, PhD, Professor of Developmental Psychology, The Ohio State University.

School systems struggle to balance competing priorities for achievement, safety, and social-emotional goals. This book gets back to basics and focuses on meeting growth needs in order to build powerful learning environments.

—Mary Margaret Wood, EdD, Developmental Therapy Institute, Professor Emerita of Special Education, The University of Georgia.

Treatment professionals have become increasingly dependent on psychotropic medications to manage childhood emotional and behavioral problems. The authors identify essential elements for strength-based interventions that produce lasting change.

—Christopher Bellonci, MD, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Associate Professor, Tufts University School of Medicine.

Juvenile justice custody facilities are facing the most significant paradigm shift in more than a century. Here is the authoritative guide to this transformation, with science and practice wisdom from experts worldwide.

—David Roush, PhD, juvenile justice consultant; former professor of Criminal Justice at Michigan State University.

Dr. Larry Brendtro on Deep Brain Learning (video)

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