The Ultimate Middle School Counseling Handbook

The Ultimate Middle School Counseling Handbook
Middle School
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The Ultimate Middle School Counseling Handbook (cover)


Developed by middle school counselors with 48 years of combined experience in the counseling field, this all–inclusive book is the result of programs they have created, implemented, and field-tested.

The handbook includes:

  • The Learning Community (an advisor/advisee all-school program): Includes all-school activities and other ways to start and run the program.
  • Activities To Use In Groups: Students will immediately respond to Marbles and Tubes, Gridlock, and the 10 other group activities.
  • Group Curriculums: Includes ways to set up and run groups and everything you need to facilitate groups on friendship, family concerns, and decision-making as well as groups for superstars (students who want to go above and beyond in preparing for their future) and gifted and talented students.
  • Rocks (Recognizing Our Committed Kids Support Groups): This program is for kids committed to being drug-free.
  • Conferencing: This personal, meaningful communication program involves parents, eighth-grade students, and counselors.
  • Special Days: These breaks in routine energize students with college tours, career day, and mini-courses.
  • What Should I Do If…?: Provides information on ways to handle suspected child abuse, eating disorders, and self-mutilation.