Dr. Amiram Raviv

Dr. Amiram Raviv

Amiram Raviv, Ph.D., is a school and clinical psychologist. He is dean of the School of Psychology at The Center for Academic Studies at Or Yehuda Israel and professor emeritus at the Psychology Department, Tel Aviv University, where he has served as department chair. Amiram is co-author of the Hebrew books Crisis and Change in the Life of the Child and His/Her Family, The Israeli Parents' Guide, and Grandparenting Today, as well as co-editor of Peace, Conflict and War: International Perspectives on the Development of Their Understanding by Children and Adolescents, published in English. He has also published over 100 articles and chapters in professional journals and books. In addition to his academic pursuits, he has been active in various areas of primary prevention, serving as consultant for a number of parenting websites and children's books. The latter include the best-selling books Pyramid of Blocks and The Kiss That Got Lost, written by award-winning Israeli author Devorah Omer. Recently, Amiram and Maurice Elias collaborated in the development of and commentary for Devorah Omer's Voice of the Heart, an Israeli storybook promoting emotional intelligence. Amiram has also written and served as consultant for numerous enrichment programs for toddlers and kindergarten-age children, as well as guidance literature for parents, for a total of 20 books and three book series. He served for more than 15 years as a consultant for the Israeli Educational Television Network on various programs providing counseling to parents. He is married, with two daughters and five grandchildren.

Books by Author

Talking Treasure: Stories to Help Build Emotional Intelligence and Resilience in Young Children
Stories to Help Build Emotional Intelligence and Resilience in Young Children

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