Dr. Ellen McGinnis

Dr. Ellen McGinnis
Dr. Ellen McGinnis

Ellen McGinnis, PhD, holds degrees in elementary education, special education, and school administration. She has taught elementary and secondary students in the public schools and has served as special education consultant in both public and hospital schools, school principal, special education director, executive director of student support services, and a program consultant at the state level. The author of numerous articles on identifying and teaching youth with emotional/behavioral disorders, she collaborated with Dr. Arnold P. Goldstein on early Skillstreaming books and is author of the most recently released editions of Skillstreaming in Early Childhood, Skillstreaming the Elementary School Child, and Skillstreaming the Adolescent. She is also co-author with Rich Simpson, PhD, of Skillstreaming Children and Youth with High-Functioning Autism and Social Skills Success for Students With Asperger Syndrome and High-Functioning Autism.

Books by Author

Aggression Replacement Training® DVD: A Comprehensive Intervention for Aggressive Youth
A Comprehensive Intervention for Aggressive Youth

This staff training DVD features scenes of adolescents participating in group sessions for each of Aggression Replacement Training's three interventions.

59 minutes - includes program book