Shawnda K. Goerish

Shawnda K. Goerish

Shawnda K. Goerish attended the University of Northern Iowa, graduating with a Special Education degree in Mental Disabilities K-12 and Behavior Disorders K-6. She began her teaching career in Saint Paul, Minnesota where she taught young students with severe emotional and behavior disorders. Shawnda moved to Des Moines, Iowa and began teaching at Orchard Place, a residential treatment school. She worked with young students for five years.

For the past 14 years she has worked as a special education support teacher, where she supports teachers with instructional and behavior strategies. Shawnda has provided numerous trainings and workshops for educations on Skillstreaming, social skills instruction, de-escalation strategies, avoiding power struggles, classroom management, and positive behavior interventions and supports.

Books by Author

Skillstreaming in Early Childhood: Lesson Plans and Activities
Lesson Plans and Activities

Reproducible forms and handouts for this title are available on our downloads page.

Skillstreaming in Early Childhood Lesson Plans and Activities is an engaging skill-building component designed to supplement the curriculum of the highly interactive Skillstreaming in Early Childhood program.