Veronica L. Raggi

Veronica L. Raggi
Veronica L. Raggi (photo)

Veronica L. Raggi, PhD, is a licensed clinical psychologist who has specialized in treating children and adolescents for the past ten years in private practice, school, hospital, and outpatient medical settings, including New York University (NYU) Child Study Center, Children’s National Medical Center, and the University of Maryland, College Park. She presents, consults, and trains mental health professionals in utilizing cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and has published in numerous scholarly journals on evidence-based treatment approaches for mental health disorders in youth. She has developed CBT Tools for Kids, an iPhone application to help youth monitor their thoughts and feelings, and utilize CBT skills (available at iTunes).

Books by Author

Exposure Therapy for Treating Anxiety in Children and Adolescents: A Comprehensive Guide (cover)
A Comprehensive Guide

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Written by a team of clinicians specializing in the treatment of children and adolescents, this professional guide offers a comprehensive, practica