Sara J. Salmon

Sara J. Salmon

Sara J. Salmon, PhD, is author of The Peace Curriculum and executive director of the Center for Social Competence (, a nonprofit organization that offers training in the Peace4Kids model, an approach that expands on the Aggression Replacement Training program originally developed by Drs. Barry Glick and Arnold P. Goldstein. The center also provides training in K–12 model guidance programs, restorative justice, parent empowerment, conflict mediation, peer helping, effective discipline programs, grant writing, alternative school development, and schoolwide character education. In addition to her work with the center, Dr. Salmon has implemented the We Teach Peace program in more than 11 states and in Norway, Sweden, Poland, Belize, Japan, and Cambodia.

Books by Author

Empathy and Social Competence Training (cover)

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Edited by Mark Amendola and Robert Oliver, this and other Prepare Curriculum Implementation Guides are intended to further Dr. Arnold P. Goldstein’s seminal work, The Prepare Curriculum: Teaching Prosocial Competencies.

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