Robert Calame

Robert Calame
Robert Calame

Robert Calame is the former Coordinator of Aggression Replacement Training® Programming at Batshaw Youth and Family Centres in Montreal, Canada. The agency has over 35 separate applications of ART in operation, as well as the adaptation for families referred to as Family TIES. Robert’s social work background includes a bachelor’s degree and studies in the master’s program from the McGill University School of Social Work, and he has been working in the youth care field for over 30 years. His relevant interests are doing research toward improving generalization of competencies of the Prepare Curriculum and Aggression Replacement Training while working with families of youth in training. Robert offers training and consultation internationally in Dr. Goldstein’s Prepare Curriculum topics in the form of workshops titled “Teaching Prosocial Behavior to Troubled Youth” and is former secretary of the advisory board for the International Centre for Aggression Replacement Training (ICART) and of the Quebec Association of Educators. With the help of co-author Kim Parker, Robert has had numerous articles and chapters published on the topic of Family TIES and Batshaw’s work with ART and Prepare Curriculum components. In 2007, he was presented with a certificate of meritorious achievement for dedication and achievement in the field of child and youth care by the selection committee for the Ruth and Manny Batshaw Award of Excellence.

Books by Author

Problem-Solving Training (cover)

New Prosocially Yours podcasts featuring Prepare Curriculum Implementation Guides co-editors Mark Amendola and Robert Oliver. See below.

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Edited by Mark Amendola and Robert Oliver, this and other Prepare Curriculum Implementation Guides are intended to further Dr. Arnold P.

Prepare Curriculum Implementation Guide
Family TIES: A Family-Based Intervention to Complement Prepare, ART, and TIES Youth Groups
A Family-Based Intervention to Complement Prepare®, ART®, and TIES Youth Groups

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Family TIES is a group program designed for family members or significant others of youth enrolled in