Estelle (Ester) A. Leutenberg

Ester A. Leutenberg

Estelle (Ester) A. Leutenberg has worked in the mental health profession for many years as an author, publisher and as an advocate for those suffering from loss. She personally experienced a loss when her son Mitchell, after struggling with a mental illness for eight years, died by suicide in 1986. Soon after, as a way of both healing and helping others, she co-founded Wellness Reproductions & Publishing with her daughter Kathy Khalsa. Ester began developing therapeutic products that help facilitators help their clients. She has created a variety of therapeutic card games, board games and posters.

Ester, a breast cancer survivor since 2003, has counseled other survivors in overcoming body-loss issues. Her involvements with Survivors of Suicide and the Coyote Task Force in Tucson are among many ways she continues to feed her passion of helping mentally ill people, their facilitators and their families.

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