Dr. Kevin M. Powell


Kevin M. Powell, PhD, is a licensed psychologist, trainer, consultant, and author who has provided assessment and treatment services to at-risk (or what he likes to call ‘at-promise’) children, adolescents, and their families for over three decades. He has worked in schools, community-based agencies, a hospital, and residential programs, including 20+ years in a maximum-security detention center. Dr. Powell is also an adjunct faculty member at Colorado State University in the Department of Psychology where he is conducting research on protective factors associated with resilience in youth and adults (Powell, Rahm-Knigge, & Conner, 2021).

He has authored several publications focusing on strengths-based services, including a book published by Research Press titled, A Strengths-Based Approach for Intervention with At-Risk Youth (2015). He also has a children’s book, Our Very Special Bodies (2014) that helps reduce the risk of sexual victimization by increasing children’s knowledge about their bodies, while facilitating open communication with loving caregivers.

Dr. Powell presents nationally and internationally on a variety of strengths-based topics to help promote healthy, prosocial development in youth and families. Additional information can be found at www.kevinpowellphd.com.

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