Dr. David L. Joliff

David R. Jolliff, Ph.D., is retired from his 18-year position as an outpatient psychotherapist in private practice. Prior to that, he taught in higher education. His graduate degrees are from Indiana University and Southern Illinois University. He has consulted with a number of social service agencies, including public schools where he has trained teachers and administrators in the use of the Bully Busters material. He has a dozen publications and has been invited to offer over 200 professional workshops and training seminars in the United States, Europe, and Canada. In 1982, he was honored as the Distinguished Counselor Educator of the year in the state of Indiana, and in 1993 he was selected as the Mental Health Counselor of the year in that state. David continues to dabble professionally by serving as an adjunct faculty member at Indiana University–Purdue University Fort Wayne, offering spiritual retreats for men and adolescent youth, and by volunteering with the American Red Cross and the Indiana Center for Middle East Peace.

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