Dr. Barbara D. Bateman

Barbara Bateman, PhD, JD, began her special education career in the 1950s in public schools and institutions where she taught children who had mental retardation, visual impairments, autism, speech and language disorders, dyslexia and other disabilities. She conducted research on learning disabilities with Dr. Samuel Kirk at the University of Illinois. In 1966 she returned to Oregon and taught special education and special education law at the University of Oregon until 2000. In 1976 she graduated from the University of Oregon School of Law. Presently, Dr. Bateman is a consultant in special education law. She consults with and provides training to parents, attorneys, school districts and others involved in special education legal disputes. Her publications number over 100 and include Writing Measurable IEP Goals and Objectives (2006), Why Johnny Doesn’t Behave: Twenty Tips for Measurable BIPS (2003) and Better IEP Meetings (2006), a companion volume to Better IEPs (2006).

Dr. Bateman’s current professional priorities include evaluating IEPs, assessing program appropriateness for individual students, presenting IDEA to parents and school personnel and serving as an expert witness in special education cases.

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